A Follower of Rambaldi (still)

Yes, I still love the television show Alias.  I have the Rambaldi box set of DVDs and watch them over and over (and over) again.  Sydney Bristow is a grand role model, in my opinion.  And of course, I adore the costumes, makeup, wigs, etc.

And with a love of Alias, comes a love of all things Milo Rambaldi.  Hence, I was inspired to create this layout for my phone. For those interested, this is shown on a HTC Desire Z running a customized version of Android (Android ROCKS!).

Home screen is shown first and my lock screen is shown second… Can you guess how to unlock it???

Click for More Screen DetailClick for More Screen Detail
Click for More Screen Detail

Use the button above “More Screen Detail” to visit my very own page on My Color Screen. If you’re into customizing the looks of your phone in any way, that is the place to go for inspiration!

Any questions on widgets, apps, icons, or wallpapers, please post them in the comments!

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