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About Jami and the Bionic Style blog

About the Blog

Founded February 2010 as an expansion to my Bionic Beauty website, Bionic Style is the complete opposite of a niche blog.  Bionic Style covers everything from do-it-yourself projects, gadgets, home & life design, cooking (including my tasty gluten-free recipes!), and entertainment tidbits.

If you get bored with singular-topic blogs that have no ZIP… I believe you’ll enjoy Bionic Style!

Since its inception, the Bionic family of blogs have garnered the praise of readers, fellow bloggers, and the press. Bionic has been featured in:
Ladies Home Journal, On Makeup Magazine, Reuters, Chicago Sun Times, Ohio’s Sun Journal, Palm Beach Post, AOL’s StyleList, Loose Lips NY radio show, News Wire, Konector’s list of Top 10 Beauty Blogs, and the book Fabulous: All About the Top 50 Beauty Bloggers.

People often ask me how I decided on the Bionic name.  It is quite simple actually – my mom named me after the original Bionic Woman and that character embodies the strength I want my blogs to convey.

If you’re a design nut like me, you might be interested in Bionic Style’s Colophon.  It documents the fonts, design scheme, code types, and plugins used to build this website.

“Move Over, Lindsay. A New Bionic Woman’s In Town… a new Bionic Woman, Jami Summers, has taken her place — at least in the beauty world.”
~Donna Marie Coles Johnson, owner of the Indie Business Network

Snippets About Jami

The Present… or what I like to call Point B.

Website developer; graphics designer; Android developer; makeup artist; and founder/writer of bionic-beauty.com, bionic-style.com, and amazingwoo.com.

The Past… known in my mind as Point A.

Former aerospace engineer; vet tech; medical assistant; horse trainer and equestrian; show barn manager; sail boat captain; with education credentials in Journalism and Limnology.

Jami - Editor and Founder of the Bionic Style blog
How did I get from Point A to Point B?

As you might have noticed, my background is very different from my profession today. In 2007, my ongoing medical conditions came to a head. I was facing multiple surgeries, long recoveries, and pain from the conditions that varied by the day. I knew my 9-to-5 career days were over. I needed something flexible – so I could work when I had the ability. After one surgery, I passed recovery time by surfing the web and finding a plethora of free beauty samples. I started emailing them to my family and close friends… daily.

I realized there had to be a better method of distributing these freebies, rather than clogging up the inboxes of my loved ones. Within a week, I had set up my first blog on a free domain and started posting. Four months later, Bionic Beauty had grown in readership and I moved everything over to a dedicated domain. I continue to have my health issues (I prefer the word issues over “problems” since it sounds more upbeat), and I continue to keep my head up, think positive, and battle on. Blogging, combined with my freelance design and development work, keeps me strong and happy.

Stuff I Love

Typography; art deco; the number 47; grey horses; brindle dogs; DIY projects; reading; 80s TV; the color burgundy; waffles; and modern design twisted with a tad of rustic.
And I’m head-over-heels in love with my amazing husband.

“I thought your blog had been around for YEARS. If you never told me it was only a year old, I’d have thought you invented blogging – that’s how good your site is!”
~Erin, editor and founder of The Cheap Chick

Keep In Touch

Now that you know a bit about me and Bionic Style, let’s stay in touch!
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One last note: comments make me smile and sort of giddy – so don’t be shy about asking questions or leaving feedback.

Stay Bionic y’all,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog


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