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Don’t get lost in the shuffle on other blogs… Bionic Style accepts only limited advertising, making your ads stand out to potential customers!

Advertising Options

Graphic and text advertising spots are currently offered in three locations: the right sidebar, the bottom of individual articles, and the footer area.  Advertisements in the sidebar and footer will appear on every page of the Bionic Style website. Social media exposure campaigns are also offered.

Ads at the bottom of an individual article will appear only within that specific article; however these ads are also visible within the RSS feed, email newsletter, and services based on Style’s RSS feed (such as Flipboard, Currents, etc) providing your campaign with a very targeted audience.

The standard run for an ad is thirty (30) calendar days. To ensure your ad receives the maximum number of actual impressions, no more than 3 of ads are displayed on Bionic Beauty at a given time.

Please be advised that I do not participate in Pay-for-Post campaigns. I am completely open in my opinions to ensure the integrity of my articles and complete honesty to my readers. Please read the Bionic Style disclosure policy for more details.

Ad Rates

A sidebar text advertisement runs $20 (USD) for 1 month (30 days), or $17 per month for prepaid 6-month contracts.

An in-article text ad runs $30 (USD) for 1 month (30 days), or $27 per month for prepaid 6-month contracts.

Graphic ads start at $25 for 1 month (30 days), or $23 per month for 6-month prepaid contracts. Price for graphic ads depends on the size and placement you desire, so please get in touch!

Social media exposure campaigns are offered by the week and by the month. Exposure includes your product or service being mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Plurk, and LinkedIn. Mentions also include one link to your chosen URL (your blog, website, store, etc). All my social media campaigns can be tailored to include (or not) certain social networks. It’s totally customized to YOU! Social ad campaigns start at $15 per week; and $50 per month.

Facts, Ranks, and Stats

  • Established, and highly ranked, social media profiles on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Bloglovin’, StumbleUpon, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Twitter followers: over 3,600; Facebook fans: 775+.
  • Founded in 2010 and a consistent presence since the first article went live!
  • Daily content is also delivered to thousands of readers via mobile web, email subscription, and e-reader versions.
  • Additionally, my content has been featured in the Reuters, Chicago Sun Times, The Palm Beach Post, Ohio’s Journal News, AnswerBag, Truth in Aging, On Makeup Magazine and Ladies Home Journal.
  • Please contact me to request my Press Kit which is packed with website statistics, press mentions and awards.
  • Are you interested in a custom advertising campaign? I’d love to discuss your specific needs!

Payment and Contact Information

Payment is accepted via PayPal or major credit card. Your advertisement will be published within forty-eight hours of cleared payment and you will be notified via email as soon as your ad is live.

Please use my contact form to get in touch regarding your advertising campaign on Bionic Style. I look forward to creating a successful campaign for your brand, product or service!

Stay Bionic,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog


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