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Many designers love a particular font; most people have a favorite color; but there probably aren’t many oddballs like me in the world.  Why?  Because I’m a completely happy to admit I am an Ampersand Fan Girl.

Did you know the Ampersand dates back to the first century AD?  Or that it used to be common practice to include the Ampersand at the end of the alphabet – almost like it was a 27th letter?

I’m fully aware that others may not care to join my Ampersand Fan Club (shall we call it AFC?), but if you’d like a little Ampersand love on your desktop, I’ve created this family of colored wallpapers just for you.  The Ampersand itself was hand-drawn (well, drawn with my hand on my computer), and is completely unique from any other Ampersand!

The background colors are: navy blue, burgundy, dark gray, and a deep purple.

To download: Simply click on the wallpaper color below that you like.  Then right click, and choose “Save As”, then save the .png image to your computer.  Download as many as you’d like.  Easy as pie!

Each wallpaper is sized at 2880×1800 pixels which should scale to work on most laptops, desktop computers, even most tablets and smart phones.  In addition, each of these wallpapers is high-resolution (HD), and retina ready ~ so they’ll look awesome on your PC, Mac, Chrome, or Linux screens!

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AFC forever,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Distribution: All my wallpapers are free to use. Just please don’t try to sell them, or post them on other websites without asking me first. Thanks!

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