Black Cherry Scrolls Wallpaper

Deep burgundies and super dark reds are some of my favorite colors; yet it’s incredibly difficult to find a simple wallpaper using these colors.  Most of the computer backgrounds online are much too busy for my tastes.   So I solved that problem by creating my own.

Minimal Wallpaper - Black Cherry with Cream Scrolls

Slightly minimal with a super dark burgundy background color and a cream scroll spices things up a bit.

To download: Simply click on the wallpaper image below to open it in full size.  Then right click, and choose “Save As”, then save the .png image to your computer.  Easy as pie!

Black Cherry desktop wallpaper by Bionic Beauty

This wallpaper is sized at 2880×1800 pixels which should scale to work on most laptops, desktop computers, even most tablets and smart phones.  In addition, this wallpaper is high-resolution (HD), and retina ready ~ so it’ll look snazzy on your PC, Mac, or Linux screens!

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Keep snackin’ on cherry pie,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Distribution: All my wallpapers are free to use. Just please don’t try to sell them, or post them on other websites without asking me first. Thanks!

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