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It’s April 1st. My second favorite day of the year. I get crazy giddy over April Fool’s Day… no lie. I’ve done the normal pranks, but also some a bit more over-the-top. Anyhow, since I’ve been running a trout line through the internet’s pranks for 2014 since midnight, I thought I’d share a few of my faves.

Google ALWAYS brings it for April 1st. This year is no exception.

#Hoffsome Photobombs! By the totally rad David Hasselhoff. See, he photobombed ME!

If you’d like a Hoffsome photobomb, just check your Google+ photos, under Auto-Awesome and see if he’s jumped in your shots! I downloaded all mine, since yes… I love the Hoff. Really. I squeal like a little girl over KnightRider (the original – not those damn remakes).

Become a Pokemon Master. Find the Pokemon’s hidden throughout mobile Google Maps app (Android, and yeah… iOS as well) to nab a job at Google!

Custom Shelfie Themes for Gmail! Upload your own or pick from celebs and top trending SHared sELFIES. The best news is that since selfies have risen to such popularity, the world has seen a drastic reduction in pirates. Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a shelfie life for me… (okay, that sucked, I know.)

Emojify the Internet with Google Translate for Emojis! Personally, I can’t wait to code in Emoji!

New Google AdBirds for AdWords! Choose a Sparrow, Owl, Duck, Eagle, Pigeon, or a Penguin to carry your advertisement on their wings, literally.
New Google AdBirds for AdWords

ThinkGeek’s new NERF Nuke! Holy cannoli, I want one of these!!
ThinkGeek has also released a Flux Capacitor for your car with USB charging interface, a Star Trek Enterprise flying disk, Laser-guided tactical necktie, Unicorn drinking horn, Das Can-in-Stein, Darkmage spellcasting staff, Mr. Beard Beard Machine, and a Rosetta Stone course for Klingon!!
April Fools items by ThinkGeek

Virgin + Nest team up for “total temperature control” – choose your own environment on your next flight…

PuppyConnect – Video chat with the cutest pups around!

And finally, I’d be a slacker if I didn’t include the latest beauty innovation… Pax Color-Changeable Permanent Makeup Implants. Manufactured by Blue Sun. I can’t WAIT to get mine!! Get all the details on Bionic Beauty
Pax Color Changing Cosmetic Implants
Any Firefly/Serenity fans out there? *wink*

Have your fallen for any April Fool’s pranks today? What are your favorites?

Laughs and giggles,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

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Fave Song of the Week: Young & Beautiful

I am SO frakking enamored with this song lately…  It’s Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray.  Made famous in the movie The Great Gatsby.

Thoughts? Commentary?

Quarter notes and treble staffs,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

Let #VeronicaMars Greet Your Callers!

Yep, just like this article title says – you can have Veronica Mars greet your voicemail callers!

See the Veronica Mars movie - Opening March 14 2014!

Years ago, I found this little gem of an mp3 online…

And now it seems to be NOwhere – like it fell off the face of the Earth.  I’ve hoarded it, backed it up on hard drives, and used it on my own cell phone a multitude of times over the years.   Anyhow, after checking with relevant entities behind the brilliance of Veronica Mars, I’m posting it here for download: Veronica Mars Voicemail Greeting mp3!

How to get the mp3 onto your voicemail?

  • Right click on the link above, and choose Save or Save As.  It should download as a mp3 file. If you’re on a mobile device, just long press the link above and choose Save/Download/Save As.
  • I haven’t found a direct way to do this.  It’s one of those things that seems like it should be a feature on cell/mobile phones, but it is not.  So I take the easy way and just play the mp3 using my laptop and hold my phone up to the speaker.
  • As VM would say… “Ta-da!!!”

Now I just need to create some lockscreen and homescreen wallpapers inspired by our fave snarky detective and my phone will be all set!!

There are only 9 days until the opening of the Veronica Mars movie.  Are you ready Marshmallows???

LoVe and Unicorns,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

(The Veronica Mars logo is the property of Rob Thomas Productions and SlaveRats Inc.)

Attn Marshmallows! First 2 Minutes of the Veronica Mars Movie

Twelve days and counting until the big (and small) screen release of the Veronica Mars movie!!

If you’re anywhere near as excited as me, you’ve been re-watching the trailers daily… And now, as of just this morning, you can watch the first two minutes of the movie!

Whaddya think? Team Piz? Team LoVe? Do you have your opening night tickets??

Be cool soda pops,
Jami - author avnd editor of the Bionic Style blog

See the First 15 Minutes of #Helix Now!

Helix TV show on SyFy
Are you looking forward to Helix tonight as much as I am? Desparetly need your RDM fix?
Sate your desire now by watching a sneak peak of the first fifteen minutes!

“From Executive Producer Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a remote research facility to investigate a possible outbreak. Once there, they find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death struggle that could spell mankind’s salvation – or annihilation.”

Just a reminder, as if you need one, Helix airs tonight at 10pm ET/9pm CT on the SyFy channel… and it’s a double episode!!

Hugs and DNA strings,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. I’ll be live tweeting my thoughts during the episode tonight, so follow me on Twitter @BionicBeauty!


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