An open letter – The evolution of the #NewTwitter


Hmmm… I don’t like the #NewTwitter layout. It takes up WAY too much screen real estate. I really think people/companies/brands enjoy Twitter because it’s simple. Quite the opposite of Facebook where they are constantly changing things to confuse people. The proof is shown by the uproar in the Twitter-verse whenever Facebook decides to move things around and “improve” the website interface.

Once average Twitter users get familiar with the online simple (i.e. I guess now the Old Twitter) format of Twitter, they can download applications for their computers, cell phones, netbooks or add-ons for their internet browsers. They can “step up” to whatever interface appeals to them or continue to post via Basically, it’s great to have an API that works for both beginner internet folks and power users.  And I see this New Twitter as an attempt to evolve into those downloadable applications.

Custom professional Twitter background design by Bionic Beauty

Capturing my Twitter profile layout before it gets smothered...

Additionally, there’s also the graphic and design drawback to the New Twitter. (more…)


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