Let #VeronicaMars Greet Your Callers!

Yep, just like this article title says – you can have Veronica Mars greet your voicemail callers!

See the Veronica Mars movie - Opening March 14 2014!

Years ago, I found this little gem of an mp3 online…

And now it seems to be NOwhere – like it fell off the face of the Earth.  I’ve hoarded it, backed it up on hard drives, and used it on my own cell phone a multitude of times over the years.   Anyhow, after checking with relevant entities behind the brilliance of Veronica Mars, I’m posting it here for download: Veronica Mars Voicemail Greeting mp3!

How to get the mp3 onto your voicemail?

  • Right click on the link above, and choose Save or Save As.  It should download as a mp3 file. If you’re on a mobile device, just long press the link above and choose Save/Download/Save As.
  • I haven’t found a direct way to do this.  It’s one of those things that seems like it should be a feature on cell/mobile phones, but it is not.  So I take the easy way and just play the mp3 using my laptop and hold my phone up to the speaker.
  • As VM would say… “Ta-da!!!”

Now I just need to create some lockscreen and homescreen wallpapers inspired by our fave snarky detective and my phone will be all set!!

There are only 9 days until the opening of the Veronica Mars movie.  Are you ready Marshmallows???

LoVe and Unicorns,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

(The Veronica Mars logo is the property of Rob Thomas Productions and SlaveRats Inc.)

Attn Marshmallows! First 2 Minutes of the Veronica Mars Movie

Twelve days and counting until the big (and small) screen release of the Veronica Mars movie!!

If you’re anywhere near as excited as me, you’ve been re-watching the trailers daily… And now, as of just this morning, you can watch the first two minutes of the movie!

Whaddya think? Team Piz? Team LoVe? Do you have your opening night tickets??

Be cool soda pops,
Jami - author avnd editor of the Bionic Style blog

Blurred Wallpapers for Mobile Devices

I love patterns, but I really hate using them for wallpapers on my phones and tablets.
Because they end up looking so dang BUSY!

The Blur Wallpaper Series by Bionic-Style.com

So… to resolve the issue I took a few of my favorite patterns and blurred them up. Now they’re a perfect backdrop for my cell phone home screens!

To download, click on the image you like above, then right click and choose “Save As”. Download the image to your computer, cell phone, or tablet – and you’re done!

One quick sidenote: Since I made these for xxhdpi (aka super extra high resolution screens) they should work fine for Androids, iPhones, Windows mobiles, Blackberries, etc.

Here’s to beautiful wallies,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

Excessive Text – An Android Home Screen

My new Android home screen for my Nexus 4…
Excessive Text Android home screen layout by Bionic Style
Based on my love of purple, bold typography, and minimalistic home screen layouts.

To create the screens I used UCCW for the time, date, and weather widgets. The weather widget is my creation – I call it G33K Weather. I’ll have a dedicated article up about it soon!
Launcher is Apex Pro; the heart and airplane are folders for my favorite apps and social apps, respectively. Calender widget is Event Flow available for free on the Play Store.

Questions, constructive comments, etc – please post in the comments below!

Happy Androids,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

See the First 15 Minutes of #Helix Now!

Helix TV show on SyFy
Are you looking forward to Helix tonight as much as I am? Desparetly need your RDM fix?
Sate your desire now by watching a sneak peak of the first fifteen minutes!

“From Executive Producer Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a remote research facility to investigate a possible outbreak. Once there, they find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death struggle that could spell mankind’s salvation – or annihilation.”

Just a reminder, as if you need one, Helix airs tonight at 10pm ET/9pm CT on the SyFy channel… and it’s a double episode!!

Hugs and DNA strings,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. I’ll be live tweeting my thoughts during the episode tonight, so follow me on Twitter @BionicBeauty!


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