Happy 47 Day! <0>

This is one of those days I wait for all year!  And yes, I’m quite sure this will further prove my geekiness.  What is so dang special about today you ask?  It’s 47 Day!!

Most people’s follow up question when I wake up announcing “It’s 47 Day!” is: What the *smurf* is 47 Day?   Followed closely by: What the *waffle* is so special about 47?

47 in the TV show Alias

To the majority of earthlings, the number 47 is just another number.  But you’ll start spotting them everywhere once you pay the teeniest bit of attention.   And if you’re a fan of Star Trek, Alias, Fringe, Steven King, Super 8, Cloverfield, National Treasure, Mission Impossible, and/or Revolution (and pretty much any JJ Abrams flick or show), you’ll certainly have spotted more than a few 47s.

If you’d like to round out your knowledge of why 47 is so darn cool, and so frakking special, I’ve gathered some uber-cool links:

Mentions of 47 in Alias episodes ~ this is just a list of mentions in Season Two, but pretty much every single episode of Alias had a 47 mention somewhere! (Side note: This site was designed and managed by me. Please don’t judge the design too harshly since it was created WAY back in 2002 during the days of geocities. Oi vey.)

Wikipedia covers 47 in math (it’s a prime number!), in science, and in pop culture.

And The 47 Society… started by the folks at Pomona College. The 47 Society focuses on the lore and phenomenon of 47 (both at the college and in our day-to-day lives).

So, how will you be celebrating 47 Day???

From the eye to the hand,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Google April Fool’s Roundup 2013

Longing for the scent of waffles? Want to know what Abraham Lincoln smells like? Get smellovision NOW with Google Nose (beta)! More info: google.com/nose
And a handy, dandy video too!

8 years in the making and the new email revolution is here… Gmail Blue!

YouTube is shutting down from now until 2023. Why? Turns it YouTube was one big contest to find the world’s best video… and now the judging begins.

While expanding the underwater (ha!!) Street View collection, Google located William “Captain” Kidd’s treasure map. Easter eggs (and clues) are hidden in the videos and posts on Google+.
Captain Kidd's treasure map

Video of the underwater find…

I’d like to take this moment to say a quick “HOWDY!” to all 41 of my readers who are viewing Bionic-Beauty.com and Bionic-Style.com from the International Space Station. Helllooooo uppppp thereeeeee!!!
The ISS visits Bionic-Beauty.com and Bionic-Style.com
You can check and see if you’ve got visitors from the ISS too by logging into your Google Analytics account.

Keep giggling and googling,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

P.S. I’ll be updating this article throughout the day to include all the hilarious goodies Google gives us. Stay tuned and check back often! And feel free to post a comment below if you see a new prank that I’ve missed!

A gluten-free thanksgiving menu

We went a tad overboard on the amount of food we’re making this Thanksgiving. And if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know we’ve got a pretty good start on preparing everything.

The garlic is roasted; from-scratch veggie stock is done; GF (that’s gluten-free for those who don’t know) pie crust made out of my famous butter cookie recipe; pumpkin pie filling ready to bake; the base sauce for the ‘shroom n’ greenbean casserole is heading to the stove right this second; whipped cranberry dessert is waiting in the freezer (and calling my name hourly!); and the Mojo Butter for the Turkey is made and chilled.

So, when I had a few minutes I typed up a menu to share with y’all… without further delay – The Bionic 100% Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Menu:

Bionic's Thanksgiving Menu

What’s on your menu for this turkey day? Do you have any traditional recipes/dishes that are a must-make each Thanksgiving?

Holiday Classics: The Thanksgiving Song

Confession time: I’ve listened to this song every Thanksgiving for at least a decade and I still end up with tears of laughter.

Don’t you wish Turkey only cost a nickel???

Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Its beginning to look a lot like…

…Turkey Day around here!


Bionic's Gluten-free Butter Pie Crust... yum!

Pie crusts are prepared, the fillings (pumpkin!) are ready to be poured, gluten-free bread cubes are toasting in the oven for stuffing, and a big vat of homemade veggie stock is simmering on the stove. All in all, I’d say it is a successful start to the pre-Thanksgiving Day readiness!


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