Fave Song of the Week: I’m the One That’s Cool

I adore Felicia Day. I truly enjoy The Guild. And I’ve been a Whedon brothers fan-girl since before they were “cool“.

So when they teamed up to release this gem of a song “I’m the One That’s Cool”, I played it over and over, again for hours.
Fast forward two years later.
Present Day.
I still LOVE this song!

Like the characters featured in this music video, I was a complete dork in high school. And I actually still am. I’m completely comfortable with that fact. While I (thankfully) never got a toilet bowl swirly – I did get pushed in a pool, teased about my glasses, and dealt with bizarro rumors. But dag nab it, those things made me stronger… and geekier! *grin*

So this article is dedicated to my fellow geeks.
As for all you prom queen bitches… you can bite me,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

Fave Song of the Week: Young & Beautiful

I am SO frakking enamored with this song lately…  It’s Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray.  Made famous in the movie The Great Gatsby.

Thoughts? Commentary?

Quarter notes and treble staffs,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

First Bloom of Spring

This beautiful Azalea flower appeared in our front hedge this week.


Azalea flower close up photo

I love this time of year.  Flowers and buds of greenery start peeking out wherever you look.  And for my readers up north, hopefully this photograph will help you feel a bit of Spring!

Photography notes:  Taken with my Nexus 4, stock AOSP camera, cropped using Android 4.4.2’s Gallery app.

Flower petals and sun rays,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

Who is the Mysterious Google Elf?

Does anyone know who made the awesome paper crafts and designs for the Google Play 2013 “holiday sale” promotional images???

If you haven’t spotted them yet, the images are sprinkled throughout the Play Store app as well as the ol’ standard browser-based Play Store. There are even paper versions of the Nexus family of phones and tablets! *geek squeal!*

Happy Holidays from the mysterious Google Play Elves!

The Google Play Store holiday section just says from “the Google Play Elves” and the (totally awesome!) behind-the-scenes video shows a bearded mystery man…

Here’s the video:

On a further note… A series of images like this would make incredible holiday wallpapers for the Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10 and other Android devices!

Whoever the creative designer was for this campaign, he’s certainly a talented guy.

Happy holidays y’all,

Florida sky

Quite often I moan and complain about Florida. It is flat. Crowded. And simply not my “comfort zone”.

But every once in awhile this state produces something of such splendor… The type that inspires artists and poets.

This picture doesn’t do justice to tonight’s sky. Brilliant pinks, soft blues, and flashes of orange.  Simply gorgeous.


And it faded within sixty seconds of this photograph. At least I captured the moment.

Enjoy every moment,


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