Photo Story: Florida Spring Sky

There are a few perks to living in Florida. Not many; but there’s a few.

As many of you know, catching the extreme “blueness” of a sky can be difficult. Today, however, luck was on my side. The sky was simply gorgeous and my camera managed to captured it!

Fair warning… do NOT expect a stream of endless blue skies ahead. I created a set of six over-the-top, loaded-with-color presets for Adobe Lightroom. I may never use these Presets again, but they were definitely a blast to create. And… I love the results!

More Than Blue Skies Ahead - Colorful gradient photo presets for Adobe Lightroom

There’s been some interest in these presets (thanks y’all!) so, if you’d like your very own free copy of these horrendously bland Lightroom Presets, simply leave me a comment below, shoot me an email, or send a tweet to @BionicBeauty. The package contains six presets which are optimized to be used alongside/layered with other presets. Yep, you can use more than one LR Preset on a photo if they are set up correctly!

Wishing you skies of blue (& various other colors),
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

Creating Lightroom Presets That Layer + Bonus Prep Checklist

Create Lightroom presets than can be layered with other presets
I enjoy creating Adobe Lightroom presets and I love editing my photos in Lightroom. I probably get more of a kick outta it than I should; but hey, it makes me happy. What I don’t enjoy is making a list of all the Settings I want to include in my preset. And I don’t ever do the Check All unless I really have made an adjustment in every single setting.

So to prep for making a preset, I go through my photo in Lightroom and make a note of each setting I want to include in the new preset. Why? Because selecting only what you need creates a preset that’s lighter weight but, and this is the kicker, it also allows you to use more than one preset on a photo! More specifically, it allows you to layer two (or more) presets as long as they don’t change the same settings. Example: One preset adds some Graduated Filters, vignetting, and clarity; while the second preset alters saturation, vibrance, graduated filters, and exposure. As long as the person creating the presets checked only what they needed to, you’d get the benefit of both presets – except the graduated filters! (You’d only get the graduated filters setting of the second/last applied preset since it overwrites the first presets graduated filters. Get it? Got it? Good.)

Now that we’re on the same page on how I prep to create a Lightroom preset, you can see that making that note each time can be a pain. I’m either alt-tabbing back & forth between Lr and TextEdit or I’m jotting it down on scrap paper. Each method gets the job done. But it’s a pain. And I always forget to make my list before I get to the “make a new develop preset” screen. Oy. Cancel. Make list.

Over the weekend, I finally solved my little OCD issue. Here’s a handy-dandy image of the “New Develop Preset” screen. Open it with Skitch (or your fave quickie photo manipulation tool) and put a dot/X/unicorn over each setting as you change them in your photo. When you create the preset, simply check off all those that you marked, and no others.

Your fellow Lightroom groupies will thank you for presets that can be used with other presets!
Checklist to help create presets for Adobe Lightroom

// To Download the Lightroom Preset Checklist
Click the image to open it full-size; then right click and choose Save As to download it to your machine.

Questions? Suggestions? Want to chat? Please leave me a comment below. I love comments almost as much as I love creating presets!

May your days always be filled with proper presets,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

// Licensing
Creative Commons License
“Checklist for Creating Lightroom Presets” by Studio Bionic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

These Last Minute Quirky #Valentine Cards Save the Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!
Happy Valentine's Day from Bionic Style! Download your free e-cards!
Still looking for a card to give to your best friend, crush, co-worker, more-than-just-pals pal, lover? Or how about an quirky e-card as a little something extra? I stayed up all night working on this collection of Valentine’s Day cards… I’d be thrilled if y’all put them to good use!

Print, email, text or social share: Love card with large typography and a colorful sunset.

Print, email, text or social share: Show your love with a Star Wars inspired Nerfherder ecard.

Print, email, text or social share: The perfect Valentine's card for gamers & geeks.

Print, email, text or social share: A Valentine's Day message from Spock

Print, email, text or social share this humorous Love ecard featuring Google's Material Design for Android

Print, email, text or social share this Valentine's Day digital card featuring the South's favorite word.

// Dimension & Definition
Each card is sized at 1500×2100 pixels at 300ppi (that’s 5×7 inches). Every card is pixel perfect, high-resolution (HD), xxxhdpi and retina ready. They’ll look snazzy whether you print them (print borderless for best results!) or electronically deliver via text/MMS, email, chat, tweet, facebook, yada yada & so on.

// To Download
Simply click on the digital cards(s) that you like.  Right click and choose “Save As”, then save the .png image to your device.  Download as many as you’d like.  Easy as blueberry pie!

// Join the #ValentinesThatDontSuck Initiative!

“Just say NO to tulle, crappy design, doilies, and suddenly becoming angry if there’s not enough roses in your bouquet or karats in your ring. Simply say YES: smile, mail a note, bake brownies, celebrate “Likes” & “Loves”, and… enjoy Valentine’s Day!”

Those of similar mindset: Welcome to the club!

See what I’m talking about by visiting my Valentines That Don’t Suck board on Pinterest. My goal is to have a curated collection of 50 Valentines for perusal in 2016. When you spot something in your web travels this year, or make something yourself, send me link or a photo please!

My favorites are the geektastic creations, like “I Want To Get In Your Pantones” by Lindsey Reveche at DesignValentine. DV’s tagline is “Talk nerdy to your design crush!”. Awesome, right?
I Want To Get In Your Pantones ecard by Lindsey Reveche

Warm hugs and brownies,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Legalese: These cards are copyright Bionic Style/Studio Bionic. They’re free for personal use. I’d love for you to share them, print them, or post them wherever you like. A link back to would be much appreciated. Don’t sell or use them in a commercial work without getting my permission first. Thanks!


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