DIY Nerf Dart Ammo Cans

I confess. I have about a hundred Nerf foam darts and a couple of blasters too. Geeky? Maybe. Fun? Definitely!

If you have Nerf darts in your home, you are aware of how far and wide they can spread.  I’ve been pondering a storage solution for a few weeks now and finally figured it out!

Without further babbling, I present my Darts of Doom coffee cans!


Do it yourself Nerf dart storage cans

It’s a pretty simple project.

The How To:
+  Collect a few coffee cans. I used 3 Folger’s plastic coffee cans with lids.
+  Spray the cans with a black or dark base coat to cover the printed-on labeling. Let dry.
+  Spray the cans and lids with your chosen color.  I used Rustoleum Camouflage spray paint in OD Green.
+  Add a second coat.
+  Write on your preferred wording! You can do this by hand, or print the wording on heavy card stock and cut out the inner parts of the letters to make your own stencil.
+  Place stencil on your can.  Use a fine point pencil to trace the letters on.
+  Fill in your tracings with paint pens!  I used a red extra fine by DecoColor and an ivory/cream fine paint pen by Painters.
+  Let dry for a few hours.
+  Spray coat the whole shebang with matte clear coat spray paint.
+  Stuff your Nerf darts inside!

Happy Nerfing y’all,

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