DIY Silver Glass Candles Vases

I wanted a set of modern-ish candle jars for grouping on a table or scattering around the house. Everything I found in stores was ridiculously expensive or too kitschy.  And since these candle jars I was imagining were definitely a WANT, not a NEED… I came up with a super easy, and inexpensive, do-it-yourself project!


+ Glass vases from your local dollar store
+ Painter’s tape
+ A few sheets of scrap paper
+ Metallic silver spray paint (I used one by Rustoleum.)

The How To:
+ Wash and dry the vases then wipe them down with alcohol and let dry.
+  Tape off the areas you do not want painted. Fill the inside of the jars with scrap paper to prevent any paint inside.
+  Spray the glasses with a light first coat.  Let dry for 15-30 minutes, depending on humidity.
+  Repeat spray painting. Two to three coats should do the trick.
+  Immediately remove the tape after the last coat. Pull the tape of gently and use a firm pull.
+ If your edges don’t come out cleanly, let the paint dry thoroughly (at least a few hours), then use a razor blade or Exact knife to clean up the edges of the painted sections.


Taping Hint: With circular glasses, it is easiest to rip your painter’s tape into 1 to 2 inch sections. Tape the sections together, carefully, around the jar for an even line.

I am loving these new candle holders! And the best part is they only cost a buck plus a bit more if you have to buy the spray paint and/or tape.  But you’ll definitely use those items again!

Now I’m planning a few more to add to my collection.  Maybe a set of six vases all in the same size and shape, but painted with a range of colors; or an ombre set with one vase in white, one in black, and the rest in various shades of gray.  The possibilities are limitless!

Stay crafty my friends,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

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