Breaking News: Gummy Mafia Apprehended + Dresden Drowns Vamps

Just yesterday it seemed that I was being told: “Take your time, ma’am. It is imperative we correctly identify the culprit from this line-up. We must get riff-raff like this off the streets!”

And today, I find the Sunday edition paper screaming the headline story “Gummy Bear Mafia Apprehended!”.  I guess I should feel good in helping to clean up our streets/walkways/forest trails…

Bionic Times Newspaper - 1 June 2014 edition

In other crazy-random-happenstance news:

  • California Chrome is ready for his chance at the Triple Crown this Saturday.  The Belmont Stakes will be run on June 7. Post time is around 6:25pm ET – live coverage on NBC.
  • Chicago’s Wizard PI, Harry Dresden, contributed in his own way to cleansing the streets.  No sparkly vamps in that story!
  • Out-of-the-blue, Captain Jack Harkness is grabbing headlines again with a dire warning that those pesky, drug-peddlin’ 456 freaks may be headed back to our planet. Ugh.

 Come on over to the Darkside. We have cookies… and gummy bears…
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. I scanned the newspaper at full resolution, so y’all can click the image above to read the articles and see all the glorious details. Hint. Hint.

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