Halloween 2013 at Kimber Hollow!

It’s getting close to *that* time of year again! What time, you ask? Halloween, of course!

And since I just finished putting together the video for our 2013 yard haunt display, I thought I’d share it with my fellow Bionics.

This year we added a few new elements to our Halloween night “theater” production. My husband and I built and made pretty much all the props you see: the witch’s table, the fence, the tombstones, the Creeper Reaper (the tall dude with antlers), the “burning coals”, and the Apocalypse Pumpkins.

The biggest impact came from a old iron bell we found while hiking in the woods.  We used the bell as an interactive addition to the night.  Mark, a member of the Ghostfacers, had the trick or treaters ring the bell to scare ghosts away.  Hence… Jami, one of the resident ghosts, did quite a lot of running and screaming through the graveyard.

We also added the Creeper Reaper – a tall creature with large knobby hands, a bare skull, and antlers.  He loves to spend Halloween night brewing potions over hot coals.

Four Apocalypse Pumpkins joined our patch this year.  Last year, the sole resident was Erl Koenig.  The new pumpkins include: Root Bound, Malice & Chains, Collapse, and Erosion.  The tombstones and Apocalypse Pumpkins are my babies. The large pumpkins you see in the video are made from paper maché and paper maché clay. They take quite a bit of time (I’ll be starting a new one this weekend!), but it’s crazy fun to have my hands all mucked up with maché gunk. Love.

A Witch Table found its way onto Kimber Hollow’s porch.  But our witch is a tad different than most witches. She not only brews Lace Wing Flies, sells Goofer Dust to ward off hellhounds; but she also loves to write codes in binary and study lasers.

Details on our video:

  • The music is by Douglas Pipes, the song is “The Halloween School Bus Massacre” from the Trick ‘r Treat soundtrack. (Trick ‘r Treat is a film by Michael Dougherty – and a *must-see* for any Halloween fan!)
  • You can buy Pipes’ Trick ‘r Treat soundtrack on Amazon and iTunes.
  • You can watch the Trick ‘r Treat movie on Google Play or Vudu.
  • Video production by Studio Bionic.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video. If you have questions on how a prop was built, please leave me a comment below. I’m always happy to help a fellow Halloween enthusiast!

Happy haunts,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. 10 Gold Stars to anyone who can figure out the W.E.D. tombstone reference!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2013 at Kimber Hollow!

  1. Reply Kimberley F Aug 30,2014 10:09 PM

    That is so fantastic!!! Wow, you guys get into it — nice! I love Halloween time!! Sadly though, I too often end up not doing much. For the last two years, I lived in a place that was surrounded by trick-or-treaters, yet they didn’t stop by (probably because the small building I live in looks more like a business than a home). But this year, I’ll be in a house. We’ll have to take this opportunity to have a ton of Halloween fun!

    • Reply Bionic Beauty Sep 9,2014 11:29 PM

      Thanks Kimberley for the amazing compliments! I’ve always loved Halloween and thankfully when I was young, my parents encouraged my early, and crude, attempts at prop building. I still have my first two foam tombstones! They live inside for the season now since they’re so dang old.

      If you do decorate this year, I’d LOVE to see photos! I still have the card you made for my wedding hanging in the livingroom and show it off to everyone who visits. So I KNOW your decorating would be killer! 🙂

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