Hibiscus Wallpapers in Pantone Spring 2015 Colors

Get your screens ready for Spring with a new punch o’ color wallpaper!

Spring often brings to mind warmer weather, festive flowers, visually stimulating colors and F=-kX. (Okay, so maybe Hooke’s law doesn’t pop into everyone’s head when thinking of spring…) I figured now’s the perfect time to combine Bionic’s trademark Hibiscus flower and the Pantone® Spring 2015 Color Forecast into a new wallpaper series!

Hibiscus wallpaper series with Spring 2015 Pantone colors - for desktops, laptops, tablets, phones

// 16 Color Choices
In order to focus on color and bold imagery, I kept the design scheme of the Hibiscus Wallpaper series minimalistic and flat (flat: as in no gradients, no drop shadows, no-nonsense). Each wallpaper’s hibiscus is either a 20% or 33% tint of the original color – producing a simple tonal shift relationship between the colors.

Your color choices include Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, plus 15 Spring/Summer trend colors: Aquamarine, Classic Blue, Custard, Dusk Blue, Glacier Gray, Lavender Herb, Lucite Green, Sandstone, Scuba Blue, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Titanium, Treetop, and Woodbine.

// Dimension & Definition
Each wallpaper is sized at 2880×1800 pixels which scales to fit most laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. For devices of different dimensions, such as the iPhone, your device will auto-crop or fit the wallpaper to your screen.  Every wallpaper is pixel perfect, high-resolution (HD), xxxhdpi and retina ready ~ they’ll look stunning on your Mac OSX, Windows, ChromeOS, Android, Speak & Spell, iOS, or Linux screens!

// To Download
Simply click on the wallpaper color that you like.  Then right click, and choose “Save As”, then save the .png image to your computer.  Download as many as you’d like.  Easy as pecan pie!

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Keep life colorful,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Legalese: My wallpapers are copyright Bionic Style/Studio Bionic. They’re free for personal use. I’d love for you to share them, print them, or post them wherever you like. A link back to bionic-style.com would be much appreciated. Don’t sell or use them in a commercial work without getting my permission first. Thanks!

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