New Layout for my HTC Flyer

“A Nightmare in Burgundy”
This is my newest setup for my HTC Flyer tablet, which I’m thrilled with (for the moment, at least, ha ha). It is basically a modified “hubs” setup with five screens, using VTL Launcher, Android’s Honeycomb base, rooted, and running LeeDroid’s ROM – de-sensed version, and the awesome bootanimation from Vlara’s ROM.

Main/home screen ~
Click for More Screen Detail
UCCW clock – Ultimate Custom Clock Widget
SimpleText text icon creator

Create screen ~
Click for More Screen Detail
Android Photo Frame widget

Entertain screen ~
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Poweramp music widget
Games folder on far right

Social screen ~
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Simple Calendar widget
Beautiful widgets weather with debossed skin

Geekery/system screen ~
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SETCPU widget

Click for More Screen Detail

Icons are Suave HD mostly with a few default ones for apps like Quill, Papyrus, Skitch etc.
Launcher/app drawer icon in upper right of all screens is from Blackbearblanc’s My Grey Icons
SimpleText ‘icons’ for screen names – done in AngelicWar font, and each one opens the appropriate app catalogue in VTL.
Wallpaper from hotiron on deviantart – modified by me.

Any questions on the setup, please post them in the comments and I’ll be happy to help with whatever I can!

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