Happy Holidays from my Android to Yours

Yep, I’m still rocking my HTC Flyer (an Android tablet for y’all who don’t know). Granted, HTC left it “behind” after an update to Honeycomb, but I still adore this tablet. I’ve since updated “her” to a custom version of Jelly Bean – the latest and greatest Android OS… and in honor of the holidays, I decked my screens in some camoy-holiday-prettiness!


The wallpaper is by SimpleDesktops.com; the clock and date font is League Script from The League of Moveable Type. Happy holidays and wishing you mountains of yummy food, Jami

Happy Holidays… BSG Style

Merry frakking Christmas everyone! And I mean that in a truly nice, yet geeky, way. *grin*

A gluten-free thanksgiving menu

We went a tad overboard on the amount of food we’re making this Thanksgiving. And if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know we’ve got a pretty good start on preparing everything.

The garlic is roasted; from-scratch veggie stock is done; GF (that’s gluten-free for those who don’t know) pie crust made out of my famous butter cookie recipe; pumpkin pie filling ready to bake; the base sauce for the ‘shroom n’ greenbean casserole is heading to the stove right this second; whipped cranberry dessert is waiting in the freezer (and calling my name hourly!); and the Mojo Butter for the Turkey is made and chilled.

So, when I had a few minutes I typed up a menu to share with y’all… without further delay – The Bionic 100% Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Menu:

Bionic's Thanksgiving Menu

What’s on your menu for this turkey day? Do you have any traditional recipes/dishes that are a must-make each Thanksgiving?

Holiday Classics: The Thanksgiving Song

Confession time: I’ve listened to this song every Thanksgiving for at least a decade and I still end up with tears of laughter.

Don’t you wish Turkey only cost a nickel???

Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Its beginning to look a lot like…

…Turkey Day around here!


Bionic's Gluten-free Butter Pie Crust... yum!

Pie crusts are prepared, the fillings (pumpkin!) are ready to be poured, gluten-free bread cubes are toasting in the oven for stuffing, and a big vat of homemade veggie stock is simmering on the stove. All in all, I’d say it is a successful start to the pre-Thanksgiving Day readiness!


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