New Layout for my HTC Flyer

“A Nightmare in Burgundy”
This is my newest setup for my HTC Flyer tablet, which I’m thrilled with (for the moment, at least, ha ha). It is basically a modified “hubs” setup with five screens, using VTL Launcher, Android’s Honeycomb base, rooted, and running LeeDroid’s ROM – de-sensed version, and the awesome bootanimation from Vlara’s ROM.

Main/home screen ~
Click for More Screen Detail
UCCW clock – Ultimate Custom Clock Widget
SimpleText text icon creator

Create screen ~
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Android Photo Frame widget

Entertain screen ~
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Poweramp music widget
Games folder on far right

A Follower of Rambaldi (still)

Yes, I still love the television show Alias.  I have the Rambaldi box set of DVDs and watch them over and over (and over) again.  Sydney Bristow is a grand role model, in my opinion.  And of course, I adore the costumes, makeup, wigs, etc.

And with a love of Alias, comes a love of all things Milo Rambaldi.  Hence, I was inspired to create this layout for my phone. For those interested, this is shown on a HTC Desire Z running a customized version of Android (Android ROCKS!).

Home screen is shown first and my lock screen is shown second… Can you guess how to unlock it???

Click for More Screen DetailClick for More Screen Detail
Click for More Screen Detail

Use the button above “More Screen Detail” to visit my very own page on My Color Screen. If you’re into customizing the looks of your phone in any way, that is the place to go for inspiration!

Any questions on widgets, apps, icons, or wallpapers, please post them in the comments!

Geeky circuit board jewelry


It completely slipped my mind to share these little goodies…
I made a set of Circuit Board earrings and a matching necklace for my younger sister.  They are all trimmed out with Sterling Silver accroutrements and the boards themselves with sealed with a high-quality poly to keep ’em shiny for years.

While my sister isn’t quite as geeky as me, I think she loved them. Plus I made a set for myself and get compliments everytime I wear the set!

Moleskine Monday: Dealthy Hallows painted cahier

I just finished this one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Moleskine pocket cahier featuring The Deathly Hallows symbol from the Harry Potter book and movie series.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Moleskine journal

My hand-painted HP Deathly Hallows themed Molie!

The notebook features the Deathly Hallows symbol painted in deep navy blue with a shimmer top coat that changes from teal to turquoise to denim blue to emerald green to purple in various lighting. A truly magical effect!

I made one for myself, one for a close friend and a third journal to sell on Etsy. It’s currently up for $10.

On a related note… many theaters opened their pre-ticket sales to the final Harry Potter movie this weekend. Deathly Hallows Part Two opens at 12:01am on July 15 and I just got my tickets!! I’ll be going in costume, of course. Anyone else planning to attend the movie on opening night?

Deck out your phone for Super 8!

I’m a huge JJ Abrams fangirl.  And I am not exaggerating in the slightest.

For those of you who don’t know, JJ is the director/producer genius behind TV shows and movies such as:  Alias, Felicity, Mission Impossible 3, the newest Star Trek, Fringe, Lost, Fast Forward and Cloverfield.

I basically swoon over all his works.  And he makes them appeal to me even more with their “online prescences”, “alternate reality”, and viral pre-launch marketing. 

In honor of the new movie Super 8 opening on June 9th at midnight, I decked out my Android phone in all manners of Jbrams goodness.  In case you’d like some of the fun stuff, I am including my new wallpapers and ringtones below.

Slusho Theme Song ringtone – Right click and Save As onto your computer or mobile/cellular device.

Wallpapers – Click the images below for full size versions and save them onto your phone or sdcard.  All my wallpapers here are sized at 900 pixels by 860 pixels, which works for most Android phones.  These are also optimized for HDPI devices (aka “high def”) but should work fine on MDPI and lower resolution screens.



Here’s screencap of my Android’s Slusho layout!

Is anyone else planning to see Super 8 this weekend or at the midnight showing?


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