From Carnage to Chocolate Cherry Cream Brownies – A Photo Story

Tuesday. 22nd of July. 2014.
11:00AM ~ Publix has a sale on gorgeous Washington black cherries. $1.99 a pound! I buy 2.5 pounds.

Cusp of Wednesday. 23rd of July. 2014.
Midnight ~ *That Guy* and I de-pit and slice cherries.


1:00AM ~ Sticky, gory hands. Lather, rinse, repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

1:20AM ~ My brain dream’s up a 100% gluten-free recipe to use the tasty cherries.

Before baking - Chocolate Cherry Cream gluten free brownie batter

1:30AM through 2:33AM ~ Mix, beat, stir, layer, and bake ingredients into what *That Guy* is calling the best brownies. Ever.

After baking - Gluten free chocolate cherry cream brownies

2:47AM ~ Demolish one of the two pans of brownies. Lick crumbs from fingers.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Cream Brownie by Bionic Style

Hugs, with a cherry on top,
Jami, author of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. Click the photographs to view larger versions.
P.P.S. Yes, they are gluten free. Yes, they taste better than any gluteny brownies I’ve ever experienced.

Transformers Phone Screen Design + Wallpapers

A home screen design for the Transformers 4 Age of Extinction movie.
Transformers Autobots home screen design for Android

My most frequently referenced data is front & center: weather, time, date, battery level; and built with UCCW.  The rest I kept minimal with an icon to my app drawer and quick access to favorite apps using AOKP ribbons on both sides of the screen.

Neon squares are from Sonny Sekhon’s awesome Neon icon pack. Wallpaper designed by me – which you can download below!

To download, click on the image you like above, then right click and choose “Save As”. Download the image to your computer, cell phone, or tablet – and you’re done!
Please post below with questions, comments, or requests!

Remember, freedom is the right of every sentient being…
Jami, author of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. Don’t miss my matching Transformers lock screen layout!

Transform Your Lockscreen: Optimus Prime!

Is anyone else excited to see Transformers 4: Age of Extinction? In preparation for the movie, I dressed up my Nexus with an Optimus Prime lock screen.

I used the application WidgetLocker for the lock screen functionality; “Invisible Tabs” theme for WidgetLocker; and UCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget) for the time and date.

Transformers Lockscreen for Android

My UCCW files can be downloaded in a zip file.  The zip file contains the UCCW widget shown above.  The UCCW is fully editable.  The widget includes time and date; and includes the font.

Do you want Optimus Prime for your own home or lock screen wallpaper?

Transformers Optimus Prime Retro Movie Poster


To download the wallpaper, click on the image above, then right click and choose “Save As”. Download the image to your computer, cell phone, or tablet – and you’re done!

I’d truly appreciate a comment if you use the wallpaper or UCCW.   I’d also love to see what you create with the file(s), so please feel free to post a link to your screenshot in the comments section!

Need help or have a question? Please post in comments below.

Autobots… roll out!

Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S.  Have you spotted nefarious robots in your area?  Keep Earth human and report all alien activity to or call 855-363-8392 immediately!!

Breaking News: Gummy Mafia Apprehended + Dresden Drowns Vamps

Just yesterday it seemed that I was being told: “Take your time, ma’am. It is imperative we correctly identify the culprit from this line-up. We must get riff-raff like this off the streets!”

And today, I find the Sunday edition paper screaming the headline story “Gummy Bear Mafia Apprehended!”.  I guess I should feel good in helping to clean up our streets/walkways/forest trails…

Bionic Times Newspaper - 1 June 2014 edition

In other crazy-random-happenstance news:

  • California Chrome is ready for his chance at the Triple Crown this Saturday.  The Belmont Stakes will be run on June 7. Post time is around 6:25pm ET – live coverage on NBC.
  • Chicago’s Wizard PI, Harry Dresden, contributed in his own way to cleansing the streets.  No sparkly vamps in that story!
  • Out-of-the-blue, Captain Jack Harkness is grabbing headlines again with a dire warning that those pesky, drug-peddlin’ 456 freaks may be headed back to our planet. Ugh.

 Come on over to the Darkside. We have cookies… and gummy bears…
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. I scanned the newspaper at full resolution, so y’all can click the image above to read the articles and see all the glorious details. Hint. Hint.

Got Salt? #Supernatural Cell Phone Wallpapers Are Here!

Keep Yellow Eyes, Crowley, Meg, Ruby and their lackies out of your phone. Or send those winged butt-monkeys straight to a dog track in Perth, Australia.
HD and retina-ready cell phone wallpapers based on the Supernatural TV show

This collection of wallpapers is inspired by the hit CW television show Supernatural. Each wallpaper features: spooky & mysteriously dark colors, symbols/sigils from show’s canon storyline, super high resolution, and retina screen ready.

The collection includes ten wallpapers – all created in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The dimensions and HD characteristics of each image allows for use on a wide-range of Android smart phones, retina & non-retina screen iPhones, Blackberries, and Windows cells. The papers will also work on many 7″ tablet devices.

To download, click on the image you like above, then right click and choose “Save As”. Download the image to your computer, cell phone, or tablet – and you’re done!

Now stop reading and go salt your doors and windows!
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

One quick sidenote: Since I made these for xxhdpi (aka super extra high resolution screens) they should work fine for Androids, iPhones, Windows mobiles, Blackberries, etc.


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