Santa Gets Google Glass!

Happy holidays!! I’ve been waffling on a Christmas home screen design for my Android Nexus 4, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but geektastic inspiration!

When you combine me:
+ watching the holiday episode of EUReKA (O Little Town, in case you’re wondering),
+ drooling over the way-out-of-my-budget Google Glasses,
+ my adoration of bi-planes with wood-enhanced cockpits…

The result is Santa employing a HUD (heads up display), via a customized Google Glass interface, while delivering his presents to the town of Eureka on Christmas eve!  Your phone becomes a window to Santa’s point-of-view while driving his reindeer-powered sleigh.

Here’s how it looks on my Nexus 4:

Want it for your own phone?
Click the wallpaper image below to view it full size, then right click (or long press if you’re on an Android phone) and choose Save. Easy as pie! 🙂 Then set it as your wallpaper. I used a single screen so just the center of the wallpaper shows – but it’s up to your personal preference.
Santa's Sleigh - HUD - Heads Up Display - Google Glass

Totally awesome screen features!
+ One 4×4 widget using UCCW for the HUD/Google Glass interface.
+ The center targeting circle displays battery status with fluctuating color.
+ OK, Santa takes you straight to Google Now.
+ Reindeer-powered! Rudolph’s glowing nose!
+ Weather conditions, icon, and current temp for Santa’s location.
+ App drawer & favorite apps are easily accessed by clicking two of the stars!
+ The coolest part? The 3 tiny glowing dots light up when there’s a missed call, new email, or unread text; and they fade when nothing is new!!

If you’d like the UCCW and Zooper widget files to set this up on your own phone, please leave me a comment below (or use my contact form) and I’ll get them uploaded for sharing. Questions, comments, and constructive feedback are always welcome!

Merry Christmas to all and I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

Who is the Mysterious Google Elf?

Does anyone know who made the awesome paper crafts and designs for the Google Play 2013 “holiday sale” promotional images???

If you haven’t spotted them yet, the images are sprinkled throughout the Play Store app as well as the ol’ standard browser-based Play Store. There are even paper versions of the Nexus family of phones and tablets! *geek squeal!*

Happy Holidays from the mysterious Google Play Elves!

The Google Play Store holiday section just says from “the Google Play Elves” and the (totally awesome!) behind-the-scenes video shows a bearded mystery man…

Here’s the video:

On a further note… A series of images like this would make incredible holiday wallpapers for the Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10 and other Android devices!

Whoever the creative designer was for this campaign, he’s certainly a talented guy.

Happy holidays y’all,

Florida sky

Quite often I moan and complain about Florida. It is flat. Crowded. And simply not my “comfort zone”.

But every once in awhile this state produces something of such splendor… The type that inspires artists and poets.

This picture doesn’t do justice to tonight’s sky. Brilliant pinks, soft blues, and flashes of orange.  Simply gorgeous.


And it faded within sixty seconds of this photograph. At least I captured the moment.

Enjoy every moment,

Halloween 2012 at Kimber Hollow

There’s only 63 days until Halloween 2013… not that I’m counting or anything. I start dreaming of Halloween around June and by the end of August I’m really getting excited. So to kick off my Halloween prep, I finally got around to uploading a video of our 2012 yard haunt…

The decorations are 95% DIY homemade and we design the display to be friendly to all ages. No blood, gore, etc. The “theme” is very much influenced by Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride – which sparked my love of Halloween way back when I was a tiny Bionic Baby.

Our graveyard features tombstones inspired by some of our favorite media such as: Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files book series; Milo Rambaldi from the tv show, Alias; Madame Leota from the Haunted Mansion ride; Alfred Hitchcock; and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

For Halloween 2013 we are adding a “Kimber Hollow” cemetery sign, a new tombstone (sneak peeks will be posted soon!), and improving on our existing props and design.

If you have any questions on how-to create something you like in the video, feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comments section below!

Boo y’all,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Style blog

P.S. The music is “Haunted Mansion Organ” melody by Disneyland Records & used under creative fair use. No infringement intended. (If you’re a Halloween fan, the Haunted Mansion soundtracks are a must-buy!)

DIY Nerf Dart Ammo Cans

I confess. I have about a hundred Nerf foam darts and a couple of blasters too. Geeky? Maybe. Fun? Definitely!

If you have Nerf darts in your home, you are aware of how far and wide they can spread.  I’ve been pondering a storage solution for a few weeks now and finally figured it out!

Without further babbling, I present my Darts of Doom coffee cans!


Do it yourself Nerf dart storage cans

It’s a pretty simple project.

The How To:
+  Collect a few coffee cans. I used 3 Folger’s plastic coffee cans with lids.
+  Spray the cans with a black or dark base coat to cover the printed-on labeling. Let dry.
+  Spray the cans and lids with your chosen color.  I used Rustoleum Camouflage spray paint in OD Green.
+  Add a second coat.
+  Write on your preferred wording! You can do this by hand, or print the wording on heavy card stock and cut out the inner parts of the letters to make your own stencil.
+  Place stencil on your can.  Use a fine point pencil to trace the letters on.
+  Fill in your tracings with paint pens!  I used a red extra fine by DecoColor and an ivory/cream fine paint pen by Painters.
+  Let dry for a few hours.
+  Spray coat the whole shebang with matte clear coat spray paint.
+  Stuff your Nerf darts inside!

Happy Nerfing y’all,


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