Slightly Geeky Inspired Color Palettes

I’d be denying my true nature if I hid my geekiness. Instead I embrace it with arms spread wide, face bearing a smirky grin.

Long-time Bionic Style readers have seen my cell phone and tablet layouts (sometimes also called UIs – User Interfaces), which usually start their life as a color scheme. And what better way to remember those pesky little hex color codes, than to tuck them all into neat color palettes?!!

My latest round of color palettes pulls inspiration from: the Iron Man movies – specifically Tony Stark’s mobile phone UI; SyFy’s awesome television show Warehouse 13; vintage art deco styling; and richly colored argyle socks!

What are your favorite methods of discovering color inspiration?

Geek flags and hex codes,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

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